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Ways to have a healthy sleep

When you have your mattress sanitised, it is critical that the correct processes be followed.One common mistake consumers make, is assuming that it’s ok to use steam or hot water extraction on a mattress. For many reasons from health to flame retardation, no form of moisture should ever be used in the cleaning process on a mattress.

Many providers claim to provide mattress ‘sanitising’ however sanitising is a process which can only be applied after sufficient cleaning has occurred and by Healthy Breathing Centre standards, must involve actual lab tested treatments to address the many mattress dwelling contaminants including dust mites, mould, fungal spores, skin cells and bacteria.In addition to effecting a true, no moisture extraction clean, the Health Protect International treatment range acts as a pharmaceutical grade fungicide and germicide, which targets more viruses, mutated variations, diseases, bacteria and micro organisms than any other eco friendly treatment available.This technology incorporates a unique four stage process that uses the industry’s only treatments which are manufactured to the US EPA, USDA A-1 approved standard.

It begins with a complete extraction of all forms of particles, debris, skin cells, dust mites and a host of contaminants which accumulate in the everyday mattress.The second stage involves a triple strength germicidal UVC treatment, which is the same technology used in the medical industry for instrument sterilisation.After the first and second stage is complete, an additional anti-pathogenic treatment is applied. It is a non-toxic viricide and germicide Safety First Solution and helps to prevent dust mites and pathogens from proliferating in a mattress.Finally, the fourth stage is applied, which involves the only available Anti-Allergen Treatment that is manufactured to US EPA, USDA A-1 approved standards which comes with a guarantee to help alleviate allergy related symptoms. This treatment is an exclusive Safety First Solution Product.If you believe that mattress sanitising is more than a good cleaning practice, that it can benefit your health, then you’re absolutely right. Just remember to make sure you use a service provider who offers the criteria mentioned above, such as Health Protect International, to ensure you receive theClean and healthy results you want.


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